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“Forbidden Mira”


  1. Dear Mira,

    that sounds interesting and I would like to try the Telegram channel out, if possible. Would you mind sharing the link with me?

    Kind regards Jonathan

    Shadows Of Ourselves / Photo & Video Stories schrieb am Di., 31. Aug. 2021, 11:05:

    > miranedyalkova posted: ” To follow my little daily stories and photos, > please ask me for the link to join my Telegram channel “Forbidden Mira”[image: > 🤍] ” >

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  2. Hello, could you give me some more info on how to join the Telegram channel series.

    Best regards 🙂


  3. Hi Mira, hope you’re doing well.
    Is it possible to have the link to your little daily stories and photos please ? Thank you !


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