Bloom Innocent

From “Bloom Innocent” Series

Earth’s Lips

Flowers are the music of the ground from earth’s lips spoken without sound…

Back To Blue

No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There […]


See how our wants horrify us… Cercando il paradiso, ho trovato il diavolo in me …

Get Out

I looked at you with all the light and the darkness I possess… Se ti dico che ti voglio, significa che anche i tuoi demoni possono venire.


“When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers.” (Oskar Wilde) L’essenziale è fare le cose in uno stato d’animo che si avvicini alla preghiera…


We are spiritual beings, and now we need spirit more than ever… After the consecration comes the magic Studiami quanto vuoi, non mi conoscerai mai. Perché differisco in cento modi […]


Oblivion: what a blessing. . . for the mind to dwell a world away from pain. Whatever returns from oblivion returns to find a voice… No, non voglio conforto, oblio […]

The Silence

Tear off the mask; Your face is glorious!! Take off your mask. Show your colours. Speak your heart. Share your mind. Reveal yourself. Be vulnerable. Love hard. Play hard. Be […]


I am black…I am in total fusion with the world, in sympathetic affinity with the earth, losing my id in the heart of the cosmos… “Vi sono anime irrequiete, quasi […]