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“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” Esseri umani, vegetali o polvere cosmica, danziamo tutti su una melodia […]


So I released the memories of the past, and then I let go of the expectations of tomorrow. When I looked to see what I had left, the answer was […]


Some days I don’t feel anything. Other days, I feel everything all at once. And I don’t know which is worse: to be empty or to be so full, it’s […]


“I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid…you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come […]


And remember, you don’t have to be “bad” to be a demon. You can be a soft, kind demon if you’d like. Just be you. Alcuni la chiamano un angelo […]


Reality doesn’t surprise me … but still, for a long time, I do without real reality and find solace in living from my imagination … Colpita dalla natura astratta dell’assenza…così […]


Keep watering yourself until you feel like you again… Fluisci in modo diverso quando le persone giuste ti annaffiano.

Red Crescent

She winced as though red could hurt her – which of course it could. Everything could. I suoi sogni erano rossi e selvaggi.

Just Dance

Your eyes smolder with a beautiful darkness. I want to dance in their shadow. Dance lightly in the service of thought… Balli con me per favore, perché non posso vivere […]

Salt Water

I have a mind like ocean waves. Shifting always, too violent or too gentle, burning like salt water. Come too close and I worry that I will swallow you… Oggi […]


Every time I go to bed, I hope that I am transformed into a giant insect in the morning…


The witch said… …and it happened. Il mondo è pieno di cose magiche, che aspettano pazientemente che i nostri sensi diventino più acuti.

Burning Stop

Burning inside my mouth. Burning inside my heart. Burning inside my head. Each breath, a quest. A question. Respiro la luce dei fantasmi e mi allungo svogliatamente lungo la mia […]

The Vow

Come, look at him, at all his goods,how his whole body becomes song,an aria of light, a psalm’s kaleidoscope… Spogliata del mio nome, e dell’appartenenza…mi fido dei cuori oscuri e […]

The Hole

I have a habit of falling in love with souls who have yet to be at peace with their bodies, their minds, their weaknesses. I try to build them, to […]


We look at the world once, in childhood.The rest is memory…. Mantieni sempre un po ‘di spazio nel tuo cuore per l’inimmaginabile… / Music: Peter Gundry /


What I possess, seems far away to me, and what is gone becomes reality. Prendi il mio cuore …sì, portalo lontano da tutti questi orrori del mondo.


Ci sono toni oscuri nelle mie ossa.E il fantasma grida nella mia pelle…

Tender Night

I sharpen my blood on a knife,my soul that cataclysmic,its edges made of a tender night… Mi apro per te come una ferita fiorita…